Vote of thanks from District president SAHIL BASHIRTeam work is key to success

Vote of thanks from District president SAHIL BASHIR

Team work is key to success

Ashiq kupwara 

I feel acute shortage of words to express profound gratitude to all my well wishers, who attended my Oath Ceremony at Degree college kupwara. 
It was really a historical event,in which more than 315 teachers and officers participated. The hall was jam packed and teachers across district from frontier areas of Karnah Valley to upper parts of sogam and langate graced the elegant type of teachers conference cum oath ceremony. 
I was mesmerized to see the presence of District Head worthy Deputy commissioner kupwara *Mr Doifode Sagar Dattatray.* 
I feel privileged to pass on my thanks to District Development Commissioner kupwara for his inspiring speech in teachers conference .
My special thanks goes to UT leadership and Provence leadership particularly my boss UT president *Mr MOHD SHAFI RATHER, Provence president MR MOHD AKBAR DAR,General Secretary MR ARSALAN HABIB,* state vice president MR *MUNEER AHMAD KHAN ,Chief Spokesman  JAVID AHMAD BHAT,* District president *Baramulla, District president Bandipora, Gh* Nabi and others
I feel elated to thank Worthy  Principal Govt Degree college kupwara *MR MOHD SHAFI LONE* and all 13 Zonal Education Officers of District for being the part of my oath ceremony. 
How can,I extend my thanks to such a personality, who encouraged me at every step of life ,I mean Ex District president *Mr Mohd Yaseen Mir*. 
My heartfelt thanks goes to my energetic and vibrant zonal presidents of 12 zones for making this event so successful.
I also thanks EJAC leadership particularly my District president *Mr MIR FAYAZ* ,who is behind my success 
I would like to thank ex Zonal presidents, who were recently elevated to Gazetted rank viz Ab *GAFFAR HAJAM, NAZIR AHMAD MALIK, MOOSA ISMAYAL,GH NABI LONE* 
I would also like to thank my mentor *MUNEER AHMAD KHAN*, who always inspired me in trade unionism. 
I am glad to thank all zonal executive members of all zones
Vdp *Rayaz Mahmood Kalgan sahb*
*Zp Sogam* Azad Sahb
*Zp Kupwara* Farooq sahb
*Zp Villagam* Shaheen sahb
*Zp Handwara* Gh Hassan War sahb
*Zp Mawar* Ab Rashid seer sahb
*Zp Drugmulla* Ab Rashid Lone sahb
*Zp Khumrayal Ajaz Ahmad Ganie sahb*
*Zp Langate Ashiq* Hussain Khan sab
*Zp Rajawar* Gh Mohmmad Masala sahb 
 ,supporters and my special thanks goes to *SHARMILA JI* from Karnah
How can ,I express my joy to see zonal presidents of twin zones of Karnah Valley  namely  Altaf Hussain and Mukhtar Awan  in my oath ceremony. 
Zone Rajwar is always at top and my bundle of thanks to zp Rajwar for bringing 65 teachers ,Zp Villagam for 52 teachers , Zp Drugmulla 47 teachers ,Zp Mawar 39 teachers 
Zp Sogam 35 Teachers
Zp Kupwara 29 teachers
Zp Tanghdar 12 teachers
Zp Chamkote 14 Teachers
Zp Langate 16 teachers
Zp Karlpora 32 Teachers 
Zp Handwara 29
Zp Khumrayal 23 teachers 
 from Zone in my oath ceremony 
*Arshid Mohiudin and Musadiq Bashir* are my two eyes ,who anchored today's program in a befitting manner. 

My special thanks goes to managing committee headed by *Reyaz Mehmood Kalgan* for arranging all arrangements for the programme namely
 *Mohd Husain sahb*
*Iqbal Showkat sahb*
*Mohd Yousaf sahb* 
*Farooq Ah Mir sahb*
*Gh Mohmmad Masala sahb*
*Zahoor Ah Wani sahb*
*Mehraj sahb* 
*Mohd Amin Wani Denposh* sab
*Ali Mohammad Sheik sahb*
Last but not least, I am indebted to Principal Govt Degree college kupwara *MR MOHD SHAFI LONE* for making available the Auditorium hall and his staff for providing heating arrangement 
I also extend thanks to all those ,whose name ,I forget to mention here .
Any way ,It was a joint venture and team effort. I am *Sahil Bashir* only when my teachers and zonal presidents are feeling honour .No doubt, I couldn't provide my guests ,what I was aspiring to facilitate them in this intense cold and  chill
My right eye and fourth estate of democracy is  media and I pour out my thanks to all channels and journalists particularly following ones for highlighting all the events of today's programme. 
They remained glued for entire day in the Auditorium 

 *I feel glad to announce*
*Mr Mudasir Ahmad from karna Valley as VDP*
*and Mtr Sharmeela G was nominated as Vice State President Female wing by State President Mr Mohd Shafi Rather*
*Hope they will support* *and cooperate for smooth functioning of JKTF organization*

Yahya Sultan
Sahil sahmeem
 Ashiq sb
Irfan Malik
Shaheen Nissar sahb
Ab Rashid pir sahb
Pir Zada Zubair sahb
Mushtaq Ali Baba

Thanks once again 



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